Public Transportation

SF State is a transit-first campus, committed to lowering our drive-alone auto trips to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. There are a number of transit options for getting to and from SF State. Click on the links below to learn more about the SF State free shuttle service, BART, and Muni bus service.

Conference Services encourages guests and visitors of our community to take public transit to campus. It’s fast, easy and good for the environment! Our campus is served by five (5) major lines by Muni (also known as SFMTA).


Shuttle Service

SF State offers a free shuttle service connecting the campus to the Daly City BART Station and selected stops around the campus. Learn more about Shuttle Service.



SF State can be reached from the Daly City BART station via the free SF State shuttle and Muni bus route 28/28R. Learn more about BART.



A number of different Muni bus routes as well as the Muni M line serve the SF state campus. Learn more about Muni.



Sam Trans provides service to SF State. Learn More about SamTrans.


Golden Gate Transit

Golden Gate Transit provides service from Marin and Sonoma Counties. Learn More about Golden Gate Transit.


Other Transportation Providers

Other transportation providers such as SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit, Bay Area Ferries, Caltrain can be used in conjunction with the SF State shuttle, BART and Muni to reach the SF State campus. Learn more about Other Transportation Providers.