Plan a Conference

Summer Conference dates run the second week of June (beginning on Monday) through the second week of August (ending Sunday).  Program dates may change without notice as needed in preparation for fall semester, please contact Conference Services Supervisor at 415/405-2220 or email for more details.


Planning Process for Summer Conferences:

  1. Knowing your conference dates (check in and check out) is part of the first step in establishing your summer conference program.  Conference Services always recommends having a first and second alternate dates in case your original dates may not be available. Having your conference estimated participants is also recommended. Conference Services cannot accept summer programs that exceed a calendar year.
  2. The next step in planning is submitting the online Summer Conference Request Form. Conference Services starts accepting Summer Conference Request Form September 14th of each year.  If assistance is needed please contact the Conference Services Supervisor at 415/405-2220 or email
  3. After the Summer Conference Request Form has been reviewed and processed Conference Services will send confirmation of accommodations and services reserved for your summer conference. During this time the conference group will be placed under a tentative status and will be sent a Contract and Appendix A, along with the Insurance Certificate/Endorsement requirements. Groups must submit their contracts within two (2) weeks of receipt. Returned contracts should be accompanied with a 25% deposit.
  4. Once all required insurance documents and contracts are received, reviewed, and signed off on only then will the conference program be confirmed. Copies of executed contracts will be sent for your files.


Contract Payment Schedule:

The dates below are a summary of the terms and conditions as they will relate to your financial and contractual obligations.

Due Date Item
14 days after contract received Summer Conference Agreement and Appendix A due

Certificate of Liability Insurance and Additional Insured due

State Tax exception certificate (applicable to non-profits) due
90 days prior to arrival No reductions to conference group can be received; guest counts and dates are final

1st deposit of 50% of conference balance due

Addendum B and Addendum C due
45 days prior to arrival Request for catering service due

Advanced payment for catering services due

Special meal requirements (allergies, etc.) due

Daily itinerary of events due
30 days prior to arrival Final payment of 100% balance of conference account due

Bed space reservations (attendee roster) due

Final guarantee and payment for catered services due
2 weeks prior to arrival Meeting room requests or changes due

A/V equipment requests or changes dueFinal itinerary of events due

Request for dining center extended hours request due


Pricing and Guest Count Changes:

A final attendance guarantee number for room and board must be submitted in writing via the Room Guarantee Form (Addendum B) and Board Guarantee Form (Addendum C), no later than ninety (90) calendar days prior to commencement of the conference. Increases in room and board may be given and paid for thirty (30) calendar days prior to Client’s arrival; additional charges may apply.

Reductions in guest numbers, guest nights, and date changes will not be accommodated less than 90 days prior to group’s arrival and are considered final.


Model rooms and tours of overnight accommodations:

(Note: the URL/link in the following paragraph will bring you out of SF State Conference Services website)

During the academic year model rooms are not available, however a virtual tour can be found on Youtube. Since model rooms and access into residential building are restricted to students only please speak with the Conference Services Supervisor for tours of non-residential facilities and dining area at 415/405-2220 or email

Note: Conference Services encourages summer conference organizers to share information about accommodations, amenities, dining, parking, and other community details with support staff and conference attendees to avoid confusion and surprises with amenities and services provided by Conference Services and community partners.